understanding media


The handouts, worksheets, exercises and PowerPoint presentations from each week's class will be made available throughout the module.

Week 1
Module Handbook (docx)
Week 1 lecture (ppt)
Questionnaire (doc)
The Meanings of 'Media' exercise (doc)
Derren Brown exercise (doc)
Using the Module Forum worksheet (doc)

Week 2
Week 2 lecture (ppt)
A Different Matrix exercise (doc)
The Matrix, scenes 2-3 (pdf)
The Matrix, scene 12 (pdf)
The Matrix, scene 13 (pdf)
The Matrix, scene 18 (pdf)
The Matrix, scene 20 (pdf)

Week 3
Week 3 lecture (ppt)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer exercise (doc)
Case Study Cover Sheet (doc)

Week 4
Week 4 lecture (ppt)
Monomyth exercise (doc)

Week 5
Week 5 lecture (ppt)
The Representation Test worksheet (pdf)
Sex and the Stereotype worksheet (doc)

Week 6
Week 6 lecture (ppt)
Audiences Debate worksheet (doc)
Debate pro text 1 (pdf)
Debate pro text 2 (pdf)
Debate pro text 3 (pdf)
Debate pro text 4 (pdf)
Debate con text 1 (pdf)
Debate con text 2 (pdf)
Debate con text 3 (pdf)
Debate con text 4 (pdf)

Week 7
Directed Study Task (doc)

Week 8
Week 8 lecture (ppt)

Week 9
Week 9 lecture (ppt)
Sherry Turkle interview (pdf)
Case Study worksheet (doc)

Week 10
Week 10 lecture (ppt)
News Broadcast Comparison worksheet 1 (doc)
News Broadcast Comparison worksheet 2 (doc)

Week 11
Week 11 lecture (ppt)
Shampoo Planet exercise (doc)
Shock Advertising exercise (doc)
David Starkey, Chasing Shadows reading (pdf)

Week 12
Week 12 lecture (ppt)
Classroom or Cave exercise (doc)
Module Evaluation Form (doc)