Playing the Game

Playing the Game: The Culture of Digital Games


The handouts, worksheets, exercises and PowerPoint presentations from each week's class will be made available for download throughout the module.
Week 1
Lecture: Why Games? (PowerPoint ppt, 936 KB)
Module Handbook, cover (Word 2003 doc, 46 KB)
Module Handbook, contents (Word 2003 doc, 1712 KB)
Module Handbook, criteria (Word 2003 doc, 137 KB)
Module Handbook, back (Word 2003 doc, 170 KB)
Using Blogger, worksheet (Word 2003 doc, 29 KB)
How to Play DOOM II, worksheet (Word 2003 doc, 286 KB)
How to Play Civilization II, worksheet (Word 2003 doc, 93 KB)
How to Play Samorost 2, worksheet (Word 2003 doc, 45 KB)

Week 3
Lecture: Ban These Evil Games (PowerPoint ppt, 2429 KB)

Week 4
Lecture: Homo Ludens (PowerPoint ppt, 375 KB)
What Is Play For?, exercise sheet (Word 2003 doc, 60 KB)

Week 5
Lecture: Pleasure, Pain and Play (PowerPoint ppt, 1289 KB)
Gaming Pleasure and Pain, exercise (Word 2003 doc, 33 KB)
Reward, Flow and Iteration, exercise (Word 2003 doc, 32 KB)

Week 6
Lecture: Unnatural Selection (PowerPoint ppt, 3337 KB)
Pitching the Game, exercise (Word 2003 doc, 34 KB)
Essay Questions (Word 2003 doc, 36 KB)

Week 8
Lecture: Digital Games and Learning (PowerPoint ppt, 441 KB)
How to Play Peacemaker, worksheet (Word 2003 doc, 710 KB)
PeaceMaker Questionnaires (Word 2003 doc, 56 KB)

Week 9
Lecture: Sex, Lies and Videogames (PowerPoint ppt, 3676 KB)

Week 10
Lecture: How to Cheat (PowerPoint ppt, 1765 KB)

Week 11
Lecture: Games of the Future (PowerPoint ppt, 1427 KB)
Module Evaluation Form (PowerPoint ppt, 99 KB)