Playing the Game

Playing the Game: The Culture of Digital Games


PeaceMaker is a turn-based strategy game developed and published by ImpactGames in 2007. Players take the role either of the Palestinian President or the Israeli Prime Minister, and attempt to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Choosing from amongst a range of security, political and construction options, and reacting to ongoing events in the region, players must appease multiple factions as they attempt to forge peace.

Additional information about the game is available on the PeaceMaker website. Playable demos of the game are available for download here. An introductory worksheet entitled 'How to Play PeaceMaker' is available here.


PeaceMaker. Official PeaceMaker website.
PeaceMaker introduction. Introductory video at YouTube.
PeaceMaker trailer. Trailer at YouTube.

System Requirements

PeaceMaker is available for PC and Mac. The official minimum requirements to install and play PeaceMaker are:
400 MHz Processor (for optimal video performance: 1 GHz)
Windows 2000 or higher
128 MB RAM
500 MB available hard disk space
Quicktime 7 Player for audio & video