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Samorost 2

Samorost is a browser-based, point-and-click, puzzle-adventure game produced by Jakub Dvorsky in 2003. Players guide a tiny gnome-like character around a series of quirky, organic environments, solving simple puzzles along the way. Gameplay is amusing, atmospheric, and gently paced. Samorost 2, released in 2005, follows a similar format and requires the rescue of the gnome's pet dog, kidnapped by peculiar-looking aliens at the start of the game.

Play Samorost 2

You can play Samorost 2 by visting the website (only the first chapter is now available for free):
Samorost 2

An introductory worksheet entitled 'How to Play Samorost 2' is available here.


Amanita Design. The studio that produced the Samorost games.
Jakub Dvorsky Interview. An interview with Jakub Dvorsky, Czech creator of Samorost.
Samorost. The original Samorost game.
Samorost 2. The sequel to Samorost (only the first chapter is now available for free).
Samorost 2 Walkthrough. A guide to completing Samorost 2 for those who get stuck.